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Foundation participants enjoy work experience

This week three pupils from schools across Greater Manchester joined the Manchester United Foundation for work experience. Erika, Kelly and Zaid started the week partnered with the Foundation’s Premier League Primary Stars project; a physical literacy programme delivered to primary school pupils to help improve technical and social skills in sports.

| by Ashleigh Davison

The work experience participants were treated to a stadium tour and a got a real insight into working as a coach at the Manchester United Foundation. 

Erika, a fifteen year old pupil at Deanery High School in Wigan said: ‘I’ve always wanted to go into English, Journalism mainly. I want to apply to either Cambridge or Oxford; but doing this work experience has opened my eyes as to how sport can help people. I’m very sporty and the work experience has shown me a different perspective on things. We’ve been to quite a few communities where they might not have the best of environments, and I feel like if you are giving those people the opportunities they might not have had, It’s nice to see people happy. ‘

Fifteen year old Zaid has had previous involvement with Manchester United Foundation, he moved from Greece to England in 2015 and came upon a Street Red session at Manchester Academy by chance. Since then his involvement with the Foundation has grown as much as his confidence.

Describing his work experience as: ‘Probably one of the best experiences of my life right now. To actually work with people that I didn’t know before and to give me the opportunity to show my team work and cooperation skills is a great experience. I’ve also learned that I can work with young children, because I have a little brother. I’m also more confident than I was before.’ 

Kelly from Manchester Creative and Media Academy has also been involved with the Foundation as her school is one of twenty two partner schools. Her coach Chris Dearden has encouraged Kelly into volunteering and she now referees and helps in primary schools. She has been a ball assistant for the past year and has been elected as part of the ball assistants team for the 2017/18 season. 

She has enjoyed her experience over the past week saying: ‘It’s been varied, we haven’t been doing the same thing over and over because you are working with so many different individuals it’s been very different and very fun. There’s not been a moment when I’ve got bored because there are so many activities.’

Speaking of her involvement with the Foundation Kelly added: ‘I feel like my confidence in speaking to the younger children as well as the staff has definitely come on. Before I was involved with the foundation it was definitely a struggle with my confidence but doing the coaching with Chris and being a ball assistant it’s gradually improved as I’ve got involved with a lot of people that I would never have met before.’