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Wellbeing exercises

Take part in a series of activities by yourself or with friends and family to learn how you can live more positively.

This week we'll be sharing our favourite wellbeing exercises to play at home, school or with friends. Download the guides below and check out our video playlist to the right for how to play.

  • First up is Football Golf with a twist. Once you complete a hole discuss one of the wellbeing messages:

Football golf 

  • Put on your boots and take part in our Shoot Out challenge. Join in with friends to practise your precision on the pitch, whilst also discussing positive ways to impact on your mental health:

Shoot out

  • A wellbeing take on the classic game 'Duck, duck, goose', this game helps you to think about your mental health, while enjoying the chase:

Healthy, healthy mind

  • An all-time playground favourite, each time you jump on a square you'll explore a different wellbeing message:


  • This challenge tests your reactions as well as your wellbeing knowledge:

Left/Right challenge

  • Time to exercise your minds instead of your body as you share your wellbeing thoughts in this group activity:

Paper fold

  • Who will be the first to drop the potato (ball) and answer a question about wellbeing?

Hot potato

  • The ultimate guessing game - can you work out which wellbeing message is being described to you?

What am I?

  • It's time to slow down and take in everything around you in this mindfulness exercise:

Stand tall

  • Breathing is so important but how often do you take a moment to concentrate on your breath? This exercise will help you do just that:

Breath pathway