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Five ways to wellbeing

Five ways to look after yourself and live a healthier and happier life, including some sound advice from the Manchester United squad.


  • Spend time with the people you care about and share your feelings if you are having a hard time.
  • It is always good to make new friends; don’t be afraid to be friendly and kind to others.

Take notice

  • Take notice of how you’re feeling and thinking; what is going to help you feel better in this moment?
  • If you’re feeling stressed, calm yourself by taking long, deep breaths and noticing what you can smell, touch, taste, hear and see.

Be active

  • Find ways you enjoy to keep fit and healthy.
  • Being active can be fun; why not try finding an activity you enjoy doing with friends?


  • Give kindness to yourself; what could you do to look after yourself?
  • Give kindness to others; this could be through words or actions, such as compliments or kind deeds.

Keep learning

  • You don’t have to be great at everything, so have the courage to have a go at something you’ve always wanted to try.
  • Be brave and try a new sport, hobby, or join a new group – you might love it and make new friends.