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Skills Lab Terms and Conditions

Skill Lab Terms and Conditions of Purchase.

  1. Bookings for the Skills Lab Educational Programme/s (“Bookings”) must be requested via the completion and submission of the booking form and are only confirmed once MUF has received payment in full.

  2. Payment in full for all Bookings must be made as soon as possible after the Booking is made and, in any event, at least 7 days prior to the Booking date. Bookings may be reallocated and/or cancelled without notice to you where payment hasn’t been received. MUF reserves the right to automatically cancel Bookings, without notice, where full payment has not been made at least 7 days prior to the Booking date.

  3. You cannot cancel Bookings or reduce participant numbers for Bookings once confirmed and all confirmed Bookings are non-refundable. If you wish to increase participant numbers, this must be agreed with MUF in writing prior to the Booking date and payment must have been received by MUF to secure the additional participant places. MUF reserves the right to refuse entry to any individual who has not been confirmed in advance of the Booking date via this process.

  4. Bookings run to set timeslots and participant allocation numbers. Confirmed Bookings cannot be changed or transferred without the written agreement of MUF, which is given only at MUF’s absolute discretion. No refunds shall be given for any participants that fail to attend the confirmed Booking. You are responsible for ensuring that participants attend the confirmed Booking on time and at the correct location. If you are late for the confirmed Booking MUF may try to accommodate you but may at its discretion refuse entry without refund. MUF shall not be responsible for any section of the Skills Lab Educational Programme/s that has been missed due to late attendance.

  5. The format and itinerary of the Skills Lab Educational Programme/s is always at the discretion of MUF and may be subject to change (with or without notice) and each section is subject to availability. No refunds will be given in whole or in part due to MUF changes to the Skills Lab Educational Programme/s.

  6. All participants must always act in a responsible manner and comply with the instructions of MUF and/or MUFC staff, including with regard to health and safety and security requirements. Any failure to comply with this provision shall entitle MUF and/or MUFC to remove the participant from the experience immediately and without refund. Access to the MUFC Stadium always remains at the discretion of MUFC who may deny, revoke or reduce access to participants at any time.

  7. MUF has the right to cancel or amend Bookings at any time without liability. However, should MUF need to cancel your confirmed Booking for any reason it shall try to (i) provide you with as much notice as is reasonably practicable; and (ii) work with you to arrange another suitable alternative timeslot. If this is not possible MUF shall provide you with a refund of the fee that has been paid. The Booking fee refund shall be the only liability of MUF regarding your Booking, whether for cancellation by MUF or otherwise. All other MUF liability is excluded (unless not permitted by law).

  8. Your Booking covers entry to the Skills Lab Educational Programme/s only, all other activities and requirements are not included and must be paid for separately including, travel, accommodation, car parking and food and drink. MUF shall have no liability in respect of these additional activities or any others.

  9. Participants are responsible for participating safely and as directed. Except where it is due to MUF or MUFC’s (as applicable) negligence or breach of duty, MUF and MUFC are not responsible for any personal injury or death suffered.

  10. In the absence of any negligence or other breach of duty by MUF or MUFC (as applicable), MUF and MUFC is not responsible for any theft or loss of, or damage or destruction to, your property or belongings whilst participating in the Skills Lab Educational Programme.

  11. In return for allowing participants to participate in the experience, you agree to hold MUFC and MUF harmless from, and indemnify MUFC and MUF for, any and all:

  1. (i)  liability for any damage to the personal property of, or personal injury to, any third party, resulting from that participant’s participation in the experience/s, including but not limited to where such liability is caused by the negligence of that participant;

  2. (ii)  claims, demands, actions and costs which may arise out of the participant’s participation in the experience/s.

b. Nothing in these T&Cs shall limit or exclude MUF’s or MUFC’s liability for:

  1. (i)  death or personal injury caused by its negligence; or

  2. (ii)  fraudulent misrepresentation.

  1. These T&Cs are the only terms that apply to your Booking all other terms are

    expressly excluded. For the purposes of these T&Cs MUFC refers all companies within the Manchester United Group and MUF refers to all companies with the Manchester United Foundation Group.

  2. Whilst MUF aims to ensure that the Skills Lab Educational Programme/s takes place in the advertised spaces and location, this may not always be possible and MUF can conduct all parts of the Skills Lab Educational Programme/s in such spaces, location and using such equipment as it selects at its discretion. No refund shall be given and MUF shall not incur any liability for the Skills Lab Educational Programme/s taking place in a different space and/or location to those advertised.

  3. These T&Cs, and your participation in the Skills Lab Educational Programme/s are governed by the laws of England and Wales. Any proceedings relating to these T&Cs or your participation in the experiences, unless stated otherwise, must be brought in the Courts of England.

  4. By participating in the, Skills Lab Educational Programme/s you give your consent to photography and videography of participants during the experience/s. You authorise the use of such photography and videography by MUF and its commercial partners including DXC and adidas, MUFC, its Group companies and its commercial partners and for promotional or other marketing and commercial purposes.

  5. By placing a Booking you are entering into an agreement with Manchester United Foundation. All personal details provided to Manchester United Foundation shall be used in accordance with our privacy policy Please note that the processing of personal data to facilitate the Booking and delivery of the experience and where appropriate to provide promotional material may be carried out by our sub processors which shall include MUFC.