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Foundation boys to help launch Premier League

16 young players will travel to London this week for a trip of a lifetime, to celebrate the launch of the 2013-14 Premier League.

Foundation boys to help launch Premier League

The boys, aged 15-18, are participants of the Foundation’s Street Reds projects, which provide evening football sessions and alternative activities to engage young people at a time when they could otherwise become involved in anti-social behaviour.

They attended trials in order to be chosen for the trip to the capital, during which they will visit White Hart Lane and play a match against their Tottenham Hotspurs counterparts as part of the Premier League launch celebrations.  The players have been also been invited to attend the England vs. Scotland match at Wembley on Wednesday evening.

The trip has been organised in association with the Premier League, who fund some of the Street Reds programmes, which derive from the PL initiative Kickz.  Training sessions have been held at Stretford Sports Village, which was part-funded by the Premier League, ahead of the visit to London to prepare the boys for the experience.

16-year-old Dilon Ashton, who has attended the Street Reds project at Manchester Health Academy in Wythenshawe, said, “It’s an honour to represent Manchester United; it’s really special because I’ve never been to London before and to play against a team from Tottenham is an experience that other kids might never get in their lifetime.”

15-year-old Aidan McGloin, from Stretford, added, “I’ve always dreamt of playing for United so when we go to London it will feel like we are professional footballers, like the first-team who travel to matches every week.”

The group will travel to London on Wednesday to visit White Hart Lane and meet the team they will be playing against the following day.  They will attend the England match on Wednesday evening before taking on Tottenham Hotspurs Kickz team on Thursday morning.

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