Street Reds

Bringing Communities Together Through Football

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Our Street Reds programme engages some of the most hard to reach young people in the community by delivering football coaching and a range of alternative activity sessions to young people at times when they could otherwise be engaged in anti-social behaviour.

Working locally with a range of partners, including local schools, councils, youth services, the police and various housing organisations, we provide sessions for 48 weeks of the year. The sessions operate in the evenings when other services are not available and when the need for diversionary activity is at its highest.

We target young people aged between 8-19 years old whose circumstances may include:

• Very little home stability
• Limited or no access to provision
• Under-achieving educational attainment
• Disenfranchised and disengaged
• Surrounded by unemployment and poverty
• Potentially targeted to get involved in criminal activity

Attendees are also encouraged to volunteer and take qualifications throughout the programme.

Most importantly the sessions are absolutely free. 

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