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Activity worksheets

It's important to always keep our minds active as well as our bodies.

Check out our activity worksheets including fun yet educational tasks such as crosswords, wordsearches, even some Manchester United maths and geography, plus an additional challenge sheet to test your creativity!

There's something for everyone in our activity worksheets and challenges - click the links below!

Download Week 10 Activity Worksheet

Put your creative skills to the test and design a family crest or badge. Also see if you can spot Fred who's hiding in the Stretford End.

 Download Week 10 Activity Challenge

Plan and deliver your very own training sessions, fit for a first-team player!

Download Week 9 Activity Worksheet

Can you solve our Premier League wordsearch or crack the Manchester United code?

 Download Week 9 Activity Challenge

A Manchester derby or maybe a Champions League comeback - create your perfect matchday experience at the Theatre of Dreams.

Download Week 8 Activity Worksheet

Play with words by creating your very own Manchester United alphabet, unscramble capital cities and try our first-team crossword.

 Download Week 8 Activity Challenge

Can you talk a good game? Practise your public speaking by writing a speech about your favourite footballer.

Download Week 7 Activity Worksheet

Test your fan knowledge with a winning history quiz, wordsearch and solve our Old Trafford job roles puzzle.

 Download Week 7 Activity Challenge

You are living through history right now! Create a time capsule of memories with your family that you can look back on in the future.

Download Week 6 Activity Worksheet

Footballers come from all over the world, and travel far and wide for matches; this week they're taking you with them and even asking you to pack their case!

 Download Week 6 Activity Challenge

Fred the Red has a challenge for you this week - he needs a new kit and wants you to design it!

Download Week 5 Activity Worksheet

It's matchday at Old Trafford this week! We need you to make sure it runs on time, help Fred the Red score a goal and then write a match report!

 Download Week 5 Activity Challenge

It's time to get down to business - can you create a brand new product for the Manchester United Megastore?

Download Week 4 Activity Worksheet

Can you find the top ten Manchester United appearance-makers, and solve our Soduko and Countdown conundrums?

Download Week 4 Activity Challenge

What better way to pass the time during lockdown than by coming up with your very own board game? 

Download Week 3 Activity Worksheet

Spot the difference, matchday maths, and can you speak the language of your favourite players?

Download Week 3 Activity Challenge

Feed your favourite footballer in this week's healthy eating challenge

Download Week 2 Activity Worksheet

A maze, wordsearch and what would it be like to be Fred the Red for a day?

Download Week 2 Activity Challenge

Create your own inclusive sport that anyone can play!

Download Week 1 Activity Worksheet

Our first worksheet takes you round the world with Manchester United players and can you use shirt numbers to work out maths questions?

Download Week 1 Activity Challenge 

Football club challenge - start your own football club from scratch!