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How to set up this drill

Set up areas that are at a safe distance apart. Place one cone where the player starts and a gate at the opposite end.

Mark out a mirrored lane next to this one going in the opposite direction.

Players are in teams of four and have one football between their team.

One person starts with the ball in each team.

They pass the ball diagonally to their teammate who is on the opposite side of the area.

They then sprint through the gate facing them to join the opposite line.

Once the player gets through the gate their teammate is now free to play the ball back diagonally and sprint.

The winning team is the one who completes the most passes as a team.

Equipment we will need

Cones to mark lanes more than 2 metres apart
1x football

Don’t have cones? Try using household items like jumpers or water bottles to mark out your area.

Be sure to use hand sanitiser and wipe down any equipment. Always remember to maintain safe social distances when attempting Play Safe drills.

Download the Relay Races worksheet