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How to set up this drill

Player one stands in a square made up of four different colour cones. Player two stands at least two metres away between the remaining two cones and starts with the football.

Player two throws the ball at different heights towards player one who is standing within the square. Player one catches the ball and throws it back to player two. At the same time player two will now call out a colour of a cone that player one needs to touch.

When player one has touched the correct cone, they will come back to the middle of the square and reset to receive the ball again.

Equipment we will need

8x cones (4 with different colours)
1x football

Don’t have cones? Try using household items like jumpers or water bottles to mark out your area.

Be sure to use hand sanitiser and wipe down any equipment. Always remember to maintain safe social distances when attempting Play Safe drills.

Download the reaction worksheet