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How to set up this drill

Divide your area into boxes, have four players and two balls in each area. If possible have a safe distance between each of the boxes. If this isn’t possible then ensure players are spread out if they are sharing a line with another player.

Players are paired up and have one ball between each team. One team passes left to right of the area and the other passes from bottom to top. The aim is to pass the ball back and forth with your partner without hitting the opposition’s ball as they do the same.

For every completed pass you get one point. If the footballs collide, both teams reset to zero but keep their high score. Each round lasts two to three minutes. After every round the winning team in each box is awarded a point. After every round rotate so that each team plays against a different opponent every time.

Equipment we will need

Cones to mark out a grid
2x footballs

Don’t have cones? Try using household items like jumpers or water bottles to mark out your area.

Be sure to use hand sanitiser and wipe down any equipment. Always remember to maintain safe social distances when attempting Play Safe drills.

Download the Pinball worksheet