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Passing Zones

We are going to learn tactics and strategies to be able to show accuracy and special awareness when passing a ball to a teammate with a defender in the way. We will also become more competent, confident and an expert in our techniques and will apply them across different game scenarios.

How to set up this drill

Create some zones throughout your area. You will need enough space for two players to be in each zone. They must be big enough for the players to move around while keeping a safe distance from each other.

Split the players into two teams and one person from each team needs to be in each zone. All players are locked into their zones with a player from the opposite team. There is no tackling.

The aim of the game is to complete as many passes as possible without the ball:
• Stopping
• hitting an opposition player
• going out of the main area

Each pass the team makes is worth one point. If the ball goes out, hits an opponent or stops, then the team resets to zero but keeps their high score.

Equipment we will need

Cones to mark out a large grid
2x footballs

Don’t have cones? Try using household items like jumpers or water bottles to mark out your area.

Be sure to use hand sanitiser and wipe down any equipment. Always remember to maintain safe social distances when attempting Play Safe drills.

Download the Passing Zones worksheet