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How to set up this drill

Two players are in one half of a grid with a target player in the end zone on the other side of the grid.

The two players are locked into their areas and are passing the
ball between each other.

When the coach says ‘go’ the two players then attempt a pass (on the floor) to their target player on the opposite side.

The first team to find their target player will get the point.

You can swap the position of players by:
• the player who made the successful pass now becomes the target player.
• the target who received the ball takes the passer’s place on the other end of the grid.

Equipment we will need

Cones to mark out a grid
2x football

Don’t have cones? Try using household items like jumpers or water bottles to mark out your area.

Be sure to use hand sanitiser and wipe down any equipment. Always remember to maintain safe social distances when attempting Play Safe drills.

Download the Find Your Target worksheet