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Carrington goalkeeping experience for Manchester United Girls Academy players

Girls Academy goalkeepers learn from Mary Earps and Phallon Tullis-Joyce

| by Matthew Brown

Goalkeepers from across various age groups of Manchester United’s Girls Academy had the opportunity to watch the Reds’ first-team goalkeepers train at Carrington recently.

The young goalkeepers took inspiration from United shot-stoppers Mary Earps and Phallon Tullis-Joyce while the team stepped up their preparations for our victorious FA Cup semi-final against Chelsea in mid-April.

The players had the chance watch Mary and Phallon be put through their paces by first-team goalkeeping coach, Ian Wilcock, and experience the professional environment at Carrington in close proximity to their heroes.

Girls Academy players train twice a week, with this opportunity an additional piece of wisdom and enrichment to reward them for their efforts throughout the season, as well as giving them a taste of what they could achieve in the future.

Matt Johnson, Technical Director of the Girls Academy, said: “It was a fantastic opportunity to welcome some of the younger players in our Girls Academy to Carrington and watch how the first-team goalkeeping department operates.

“Mary Earps and Phallon Tullis-Joyce are the ultimate role models for our young goalkeepers to aspire to emulate, as they strive for a playing career of their own. But this opportunity also allows them to witness the hard work and dedication that goes into becoming an elite professional, and what it takes to maintain the highest standards.

“All of our players in the Girls Academy work incredibly hard throughout the season, and we’re so hard to be able to them offer opportunities such as this, to complement their development on and off the pitch.”

Under-13s goalkeeper, Kendall, added: “I absolutely loved being at Carrington for this opportunity, learning from the professional goalkeepers and taking in all of their advice. It motivates me even more and I hope that one day I can be like them.”

Another of our young shot-stoppers, Sienna, said: "It was a great experience to watch the women train, it's really inspired me to train harder to be the best goal keeper that I can be."