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Levenshulme High School pupils welcome Irene Guerrero and Phallon Tullis Joyce

The Manchester United duo joined science and Spanish classes at the Foundation partner school

| by Matthew Brown

Young people at Levenshulme High School were delighted to welcome Irene Guerrero and Phallon Tullis-Joyce as part of an exciting recent school day.

Levenshulme is one of Manchester United Foundation’s 77 partner schools and colleges, as the Reds pair took time out to make the special visit to South Manchester.

Irene and Phallon visited science and Spanish class before rounding off a special afternoon on the football pitch by lending some sporting advice and signing autographs.

Phallon said: “We’ve been able to join some amazing students, taking science class – learning about genetics – and also Spanish, which I haven’t taken since high school, so the students helped me out quite a bit!

“We finished off with some nice shooting practice, which was super fun. Working with Manchester United Foundation, especially being a new player, it’s just been really great to see what the Foundation is doing so that we can directly impact these students.

“Being able to help our nearby communities – I really love that, especially with the responsibility of being a sportsperson, it’s so important to give back.”

Irene added: “The time in the classroom was really fun, and for me, the best class was Spanish – that was my favourite today.

“It’s a good to enjoy the time with the children. The girls look up to you and ask about your day in training. I think it’s really good to have a close relation between us, to show them if they dream big and work hard, that they can be whatever they want."

The visit certainly left a lasting impression on the beaming group of female pupils from the school.

Year 10 student, Nadine, said:” It's been amazing and I’ve really liked meeting the players. I’ve seen them before, and seen how great they are, so it’s really nice and inspiring.

“It’s definitely driven me to do better and the players telling me how good I can be really made it feel better.”