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The impact of Manchester United Foundation

Manchester United Foundation has released its operational report for the 2021/22 season, highlighting the impact on the young people with whom it works across Greater Manchester and beyond.

| by Katie Newton

The impressive results highlighted in the report are also being released across social media over the next week, in recognition of World Children’s Day, which is celebrated internationally today (20th November).

Manchester United Foundation was formed 15 years ago as a lasting legacy to the Busby Babes and the Club’s time-honoured tradition of celebrating and believing in the potential of youth.

Unfortunately, in today’s climate, the world that many young people know can be a daunting, unwelcoming and unequal place. This is especially true for those who live in poverty or lack support.

The Foundation aims to tackle these issues by delivering educational and community outreach programmes to help young people make positive choices in their lives, with the aim of developing:
- Healthier young people
- Positive, confident and motivated young people
- Connected, socially responsible and included young people
- Skilled and employment-ready young people

Over the 2021/22 season the Foundation worked with over 20,300 participants, equating to 367,000 attendances across all projects. 31% of participants are from an ethnic minority group, and 44% are female. Over 10,300 qualifications have been gained, enabling brighter futures for young people of all backgrounds.

Working with independent evaluation company Substance, the Foundation has gathered survey results from young people, which state:
- 72% report greater aspiration
- 71% report increased physical activity levels
- 70% report better educational behaviour and attitude to learning
- 64% report higher levels of confidence/self-esteem

John Shiels MBE, CEO of Manchester United Foundation, said: “When we look back at this period in history, it will be seen as a time of instability and chaos. As a youth charity, it is our main function to ensure that the children and young people we work with continue to flourish and develop even when things are uncertain around them.

“This report and the results we’ve seen over the 2021/22 season captures the essence of our work and identifies the type of young people we engage with. We believe that within every child there is potential; we try in every second of engagement to nurture that and offer the opportunity to develop it fully.” 

For more information about our impact over the past season make sure you follow our social channels.