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Luke Shaw helps local students Show Racism the Red Card

Manchester United defender Luke Shaw surprised pupils from local high schools today as they took part in an anti-discrimination workshop organised by Show Racism the Red Card.

| by Katie Newton

Luke Shaw helps local students Show Racism the Red Card

Pupils from Foundation partner schools were invited to the club’s Aon Training Complex for the event, during which they were educated about issues regarding racism, homophobia and bullying.

Show Racism the Red Card is an educational charity, which uses the high profile of footballers to convey positive anti-discrimination messages to young people.  During today’s event, Luke Shaw took part in a Q&A session, speaking about his experiences of bullying and racism through his football career and gave advice to the pupils.

“It’s important that if you are getting bullied or racially abused to let it out and tell someone so you have people around you for support,” the Reds left-back advised. “Tell your family, your friends, your teacher – they will be able to help and make you feel more positively about yourself, which can only help you in the long run.”

The event included films, workshops and interactive activities, which enabled the pupils to expand their knowledge of the different types of abuse and explore their own views on discrimination.

Candice, who attends Middleton Technology School, said, “It’s been an amazing experience to meet a footballer and for him to tell us about how racism can affect people’s lives and how we can support people that are being bullied.”

Stretford High School pupil Ravarhn added, “It’s really important to learn about racism and different types of abuse and how it can affect different people.  Luke gave us really good advice about how to support someone and be there for friends who might be being bullied.”

Show Racism the Red Card is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year and during the 2015-16 is delivering 20 educational events with football clubs that look at Homophobic, Biphobic and Transphobic (HBT) bullying, alongside racism.

Campaign coordinator James Kingett commented, “Manchester United have always been great supporters of the campaign and it was brilliant to have Luke Shaw come down today; you could see the impact he had as he walked into the room and the answers he gave and advice he had for the young people about what to do if they receive bullying was exceptional and well thought through – you could see the pupils hanging on his every word.”

Following the event Luke concluded, “After I spoke to the pupils I felt really good to share my experiences and give advice.  I haven’t experienced bullying first-hand but I’ve seen a friend receive racial abuse; it’s not a nice thing at all so it’s been good for me to talk about that today.  As a young person it always helps to hear someone you see as a role model talk about important issues and I know that would have had a huge impact on me as a child.  I hope I’ve been able to give some of the pupils here today a boost of confidence and made them feel better about themselves.”