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Casual Coaching with Manchester United Foundation

Casual coaches are the lifeblood of Manchester United Foundation. We currently employ over 70 casuals who work at 136 locations across Greater Manchester. Seth, who works on our Street Reds programme, is just one of these coaches.

Casual Coaching with Manchester United Foundation

“My earliest memories are of United winning the treble and as a local fan growing up in Moss Side I loved every moment. It was a really exciting time and I spent most of my time kicking a ball around with friends.  As I grew older I wanted to be involved in coaching because I just loved football and hoped one day I’d get the chance to be a part of the club I love. 

“Since I’ve started working at United I’ve seen the other side of the job. Every day is a new challenge; there’s always something new to be involved in and there are lots of different personalities at each session. It’s not just about the football coaching but how we engage with hard to reach children and how we can inspire individuals and unite local communities. 

“The young people I grew up with in Moss Side had issues with trust and there were no positive role models to look up to. Adults that were perceived as ‘doing well’ were either involved in drugs or gangs. Now it’s really important for me to be that positive role model for participants growing up in similar areas.

“Being a coach at Manchester United has increased my confidence and made me much more thoughtful. When young people say things I take my time to think about how to respond and how best help them with their situation.  It’s important to be approachable; a participant can come and speak to you at any time and it helps to be friendly and understanding.

"I feel it’s easier to relate to some of the kids because of the area I grew up in. Participants quickly get to know you and I’ll often hear my name shouted across the street and usually it’ll be someone from a session who’s happy to see me. 

“One thing I’ve realised is that being a coach is a lifelong role and that’s what inspires me. Having a casual coaching role with Manchester United needs to be viewed as a long-term process. It’s not just about turning up and coaching at a session - the work is much deeper than that. I look forward to coming to work and I couldn’t say that about jobs I’ve had in past.” 

If you would like to be considered for a coaching role with Manchester United Foundation, please click here to see our current vacancies.