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Special Olympics

Manchester United Foundation unites with Tottenham Hotspur Foundation in support of the Special Olympics

Special Olympics

Manchester United Foundation and the Tottenham Hotspur Foundation joined forces off the pitch last week in an international celebration of football during the 11th Annual Special Olympics Football Week.

The UEFA and EU sponsored week welcomed over 50,000 football lovers at tournaments, clinics and ‘come try’ events across Europe, with The Cliff Training Ground being the main attraction for the North West region. The event attracted over 75 children and adults with learning disabilities to take part in unique unified football.

Unified football is a groundbreaking football programme designed to breakdown the social barriers between people with learning disabilities and those without by bringing them together into inclusive teams and competition.

Manchester United Foundation’s Stephen Hoy said: "We have a long standing commitment to the community and to all footballers – at any level of play. We are pleased that Tottenham Hotspur has united with us to join such strong forces at a very special time’’

The day was in support of the Special Olympics Great Britain, the largest provider of year-round sports training and competition for adults and children with learning disabilities. The special Olympics is recognised as the third member of the Olympic family and provides a unique player pathway for local, regional and national training and competition opportunities. 

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