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Scholes' Badminton Masterclass

12 pupils from Manchester Enterprise Academy got a PE lesson with a difference in January this year.

Scholes Takes a Badminton Masterclass

The boys were invited to take their PL4S badminton session at the first team training ground with one extra participant, Manchester United hero, Paul Scholes.

Taking part in every aspect of the class, Scholes was impressed by the level of ability the 12 year olds showed and made the most of taking part in singles and double matches against the thrilled youngsters; “I used to play badminton at school and I play quite a bit now, it’s a good game. I know it’s not one of the most popular sports but once you start playing it’s a very enjoyable game.”

To the surprise of his fellow players the United midfielder revealed that badminton is a sport that most of the players have taken part in, “It helps you with your movement, balance and getting your feet sorted out, “he explained, “and when we’re injured we play tennis or badminton because it really helps with your fitness.”

After a short Q & A session, in which Scholes advised them on healthy eating and enjoying sport the youngsters gathered to have a group photograph with their new badminton class mate. “It’s an experience they’ll never forget,” says PL4S coach, Zeki Istanbul. “The boys deserved this opportunity due to their good behaviour, hard work and the enthusiasm they have shown in their PL4S sessions. When we can offer experiences like this, it’s a great source of inspiration.”