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Girls Football Week

From the 27th – 4th December Manchester United Foundation will be celebrating its first ever Girls Football Week.

Girls Football Week

A week of activity to throw the spotlight on Girls Football and provide opportunities for more girls to get involved in football.

Throughout the week we will be showcasing the pool of talent in our Centre of Excellence, providing opportunities for beginners to get a taster of Girls Football, inviting spectators to view the girls in action against Liverpool and Hillgate Blues and launching our first ever girls only evening sessions. There will also be a special surprise VIP visit to one of our Girls Development session during the week…

Emma Fletcher said: “We have some really talented girls in our centre and we wanted to do something to celebrate that.  But this awareness week is also about providing opportunities for even more girls to get involved in football.   We are working in local schools, encouraging spectators to come and view our games and training sessions and launching new ‘girls only’ sessions to encourage more young women to participate in football. Aside from the obvious health benefits football can help to build confidence and we can provide opportunities for all levels and abilities“

Schedule of Activities

  • Saturday 27th November - Showcase of the Girls Centre of Excellence outside the North Stand at the Blackburn Rovers game.
  • Saturday 27th November – Centre of Excellence Fixture at Aryshire Road against Liverpool – open invite for spectators from10:30am
  • Sunday 28th November - Under 18s fixture against Hillgate Blues in the League Cup at the Cliff Training Ground – open invite for people to come and watch from 2pm.
  • Monday 29th November Girls Centre of Excellence Training sessions – open invite for spectators from 6pm – 9pm
  • Wednesday 1st December - Girls Centre of Excellence Training sessions – open invite for spectators from 7pm – 9.30pm
  • Thursday 2nd December – joint Under 18s training session with Rochdale FC at the Cliff Training Ground
  • Friday 3rd December - Launch of ‘Girls Only’ evening football session