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Making New Friends

Actor Ricky Whittle is proud to join the Manchester United Foundation membership scheme.

Making New Friends

The Hollyoaks and Strictly Come Dancing star impressed the Old Trafford crowd this summer when he showed off his football skills at United Relief. And the die-hard Red was only too happy to join Friend of the Foundation:

“I am a huge Manchester United fan, I basically wallpapered my room in Manchester United posters when I was younger. I am now in a very privileged position where people know my name and I now feel I have a responsibility to raise awareness of the problems that some young people go through.”

As the Foundation seeks to inspire young people in the area through its many community projects, Ricky is quick to identify the power football has made on his own upbringing:

“Football dragged me out of a problem when I used to get a lot of racist bullying at school. I joined the football team and all of a sudden I had ten brothers who would back me up and could stick up for me. The bullying then stopped because I was part of a team…”

Ricky joins the hundreds of United fans who have already signed up to enjoy the benefits being a Friend of the Foundation brings, including discounts at the Megastore and Museum and exclusive offers on Foundation events. He will also enjoy being in the illustrious company of other ‘famous friends’, including Sir Alex Ferguson and the world’s fastest man, Usain Bolt.

Join Ricky as a Friend of the Foundation.