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Clear out for Christmas

Kick your unwanted mobile to the Foundation. By recycling unwanted handsets you could help to raise much needed funds for the Foundation to help local children in the community.

Clear out for Christmas

With over 15 million mobile phones replaced every year and an estimated 90 million sitting in drawers and toy boxes across the country, why not send your unwanted mobile phone to the Manchester United Foundation and give it a new life. 

This season, the Manchester United Foundation is offering all fans the opportunity to recycle their unwanted mobile phones to raise funds for the charity.  The money raised will go to help educate, motivate and inspire young people to build a better life for themselves and improve the communities they live in. 

Recycling your phone for the Foundation is free and easy.  Simply pop it in an envelope and send it to FREEPOST M.U. FOUNDATION.  Your phone is sent to Regenersis, the largest and most ethical recycler of mobile phones in Europe.  All phones are tested and all data is removed.  The phones are then refurbished and sent to developing countries to improve communications.  Phones which are too old or beyond repair are sent for safe recycling, ensuring that nothing goes to landfill.