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Foundation Ventures Overseas

Foundation coaches travel to Israel to conduct a packed weekend of football activity.

Foundation Ventures Overseas

Chief Executive John Shiels and community coaches Emma Gaynon, Dave Chapman and Nicky Bradshaw travelled to Israel recently to conduct a packed weekend of football activity.

Accompanied by Sir Bobby Charlton and Club Director and Foundation Trustee Michael Edelson, the team conducted a coaching session with Israeli Arabs and Israeli Jews.  This activity was supplemented by visits to the Israel centre for the Disabled and to a project that worked with disabled youth in Israel using outdoor pursuits as the way in which the kids developed self esteem.

The visit is a landmark as the Foundation looks to develop its activities locally and overseas in the future.

Speaking on the trip, Sir Bobby Charlton said:

“I haven't coached in many years but it was fantastic for me to receive such feedback from the kids," Charlton said. "The Manchester United Foundation helps everyone regardless of age, gender or religion. It's fantastic to see Arabs mixing with Jews on the football field.”