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Football Aid Record Breakers

Twenty-seven Machester United fans have set a new Football Aid record for the most amount of money ever raised from a single charity football match.

| by David Dale

Football Aid Record Breakers

Over £36,000 was raised by Reds fans this year, who had paid for their unique chance to play in a 90 minute fully officiated charity football match at Old Trafford on the 19th May this year. The match was overseen by ex-player / manager Wilf McGuiness, who was there to show his support to the players, some of whom had travelled from as far as Dublin and Jersey.

Trevor Melvin from Aston Near Stevenage, has already played in another Football Aid game in Edinburgh in 2007, however it has always been his ambition to play at Old Trafford

The 49-year-old said:  “A huge thanks must initially go to Manchester United and Manchester United Foundation for helping Football Aid to fulfil the dreams of all the life long Reds who were able to play at Old Trafford.

“I really did live the dream, and thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. Also, the involvement of Wilf McGuinness was truly amazing. He was an absolute gentleman throughout, always making time for everyone. Having him as my Home Team manager truly topped the day off for me.”

“What Football Aid do is really appreciated by the players, and also I'm sure by the charitable causes that benefit from all of their other games.”

All funds raised from the events are distributed through Football Aid’s parent charity Field of Dreams, and split between Juvenile Diabetes research and local community projects chosen by Manchester United Foundation. For further information, visit the Manchester United Football Aid homepage.