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Get Football Fit!

Get football fit with ‘Shaping Up’, an online guide full of family-friendly healthy living tips and advice to get your family fit and healthy.

| by Rachael Pilsbury

Kick Start Your Family's Fitness and Get in Shape!

The Children’s Society and Manchester United Foundation have this week launched ‘Shaping Up’, an online guide full of family-friendly healthy living tips and advice to get your family fit and healthy.
Follow tips from Sir Alex Ferguson, Rio Ferdinand and Ryan Giggs to get your children active and fit while having fun as a family. ‘Shaping Up’ is designed to help families get exercising while having fun together, eating healthily and building stronger family relationships.
‘Shaping Up’ from Manchester United and The Children’s Society has been produced following the publication of evidence submitted to the charity’s Good Childhood Inquiry, which looked at views on health from experts, parents and children themselves from across the UK. A poll commissioned by The Children's Society found that the majority of adults polled felt that computer games and TV prevented children from being more active and thought children needed more education about healthy diets.  A number of children submitting evidence recognised that they were often exercising without realising or enjoyed physical activity so much that they did not think of it as something that is necessary.

Ryan Giggs supported the guide, he said: “I helped out with the Shaping Up guide because I think promoting fitness for families is really important.   Apart from the physical benefits, sport is a great way for families to spend more time together.”
John Shiels Chief Executive, Manchester United Foundation comments: “Manchester United fully supports The Children's Society’s Good Childhood Inquiry and we are thoroughly pleased to be working with The Children’s Society by helping them to create the ‘Shaping Up’ guide. Football can provide a great opportunity for families to spend time together, whether playing or watching a match, and we hope the guide can show families easy ways to improve their health through sport that can be really fun.”

Penny Nicholls from The Children’s Society says: “We want everyone to make childhood better for ALL children in the UK. Staying fit and improving your health together is a really important part of family life.  Whether it is playing football in the park or going for a walk on a Sunday afternoon, playing sport together is invaluable in building strong relationships and keeping fitness fun!”
Download your copy of Shaping Up now