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How to promote your fundraising challenge

If you're taking part in our fundraising campaign, you'll need to shout about it to have the most impact. That means letting everyone know what you're doing to raise money and why you're doing it. 

Our tips below will help you on your way to promoting your fundraising challenge.


Even in 2020 email blasts still work when trying to fundraise. Why not send an email to friends, family, co-workers and business contacts. This will help with those vital first donations and start your fundraising journey. Be sure to provide details of why your cause is important and what your club is doing to make a difference. 

Social Networks

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit and Linkedin are the perfect platforms to update followers on your activities. Provide donation counts, activity updates, and your progress toward a fundraising target. Make sure to post with photos and videos evidencing your progress. When posting on social media, be sure to tag Manchester United Foundation and use the #MULocalLegend hashtag. 


Following on from the point above, video is a fantastic way to connect with donors. It allows you to explain your cause in detail and can often be the main driver for an online donation. It also doesn't have to be a high quality production. A phone video will be a good standard and can be uploaded to YouTube and most social networks. The main aim is to show the passion for your cause and why it’s important for people to donate. Also don’t forget the link to your fundraising page!


With longer fundraising challenges it could be a good idea to create a fundraising blog. Blogs are often used as a diary of your fundraising progress. It's the ideal way of posting stories, photos, sponsor information, and updates on your total. Links to your blog posts can also provide content for your emails and social media platforms. 

Traditional Media

Traditional media is an overlooked but very valuable way of driving extra donations. Local newspapers, radio and television can often bring more attention to your online efforts. One way to gain attention is to encourage local media to highlight a specific success story. It could be about your fundraising challenge or a case study of someone who has benefited from the charity. Most traditional media will steer their audiences to your blog or social media providing they have a good story to tell.