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Testimonies of other Foundation donors

People choose to support Manchester United Foundation for many reasons. Here are some testimonies from fellow fans, and their families, about why they choose to support us.

Testimonies of other Foundation donors

It means so much to us that our fans choose to donate to our charity through their Wills, on behalf of families members, or via bespoke donations.

Here are some testimonies from our supporters, which we hope may help in your own decision to donate to the Foundation.

  • "My dad was a fan of Manchester United since he was a boy.  He was born and raised in England and moved to the US with my mother at 22. 
    During the English football season, he woke up at 4am to watch United games live, screaming when they scored goals like he was in the crowd and smiling like the boy he was when he first discovered his passion.
    Because my dad's death was unexpected, we never had a conversation about charity. Upon his death, I Googled "Manchester United charity" and your Foundation's mission statement popped up; we made an immediate decision that your charity was the perfect fit for friends and families to consider donation. 
    I know that you will put the funds to good use, and we are thrilled to support your Foundation."

  • "I'm very happy to continue to support Manchester United Foundation. As a young boy it was always my dream of going to Old Trafford. Donating my season ticket to the Foundation and supporting through other donations I hope fulfils some of the dreams of those you work with."

  • "The Foundation gives fantastic opportunities for young people. Worthy cause and one that we as a family fully support. United really have got the heart of the community."

  • "This donation is from a die hard Man United fan from Thailand. I hope that a small amount of donation may help some lives...thank you for everything Manchester United!"

If you are considering including a gift in your Will to Manchester United Foundation, we would be grateful if you could inform us of your intentions so that we have the opportunity to discuss the details of your gift with you. This would ensure that we fully understand your wishes and that any specific bequest you propose is feasible. This information will be treated in the strictest confidence.

If you would like more information about leaving a gift in your Will to Manchester United Foundation, please contact Shahzana by emailing or call 0161 868 8600. 

Email for more information