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Denis Irwin crouches for a photo in front of the entire school at ESSA Academy

ESSA Academy

Working alongside the staff at ESSA Academy, the Foundation delivers tailored mentoring interventions with the aim of helping individuals and select groups realise their potential both socially and academically. The partnership also allows students the opportunity to spend productive time away from the classroom to discuss any issues they may be experiencing.

Our partnership

ESSA Academy has been a Foundation partner school since February 2018.

The Foundation works alongside staff at ESSA Academy to:

  • engage year 9 boys on a programme of half-day physical activity per week through Foundation delivery programmes.
  • mentor hard to reach year 10 students on a programme of a half-day of activity per week around leadership and through Foundation delivery programmes.
  • provide girls only sports sessions with a long-term goal of signposting players towards school teams and clubs within the local community.
  • deliver structured football sessions with a long-term goal of improving sporting performance and signposting players towards football clubs within the local community.
  • provide additional activities such as holiday clubs for four weeks of the academic year.
  • support with activities such as after school clubs each term.
  • identify and support disengaged male students through Manchester United Foundation leadership and mentoring programmes.
  • collaborate on the development and delivery of a literacy programme with the aim of improving student reading levels.
  • deliver educational and sporting activities to primary schools within the local community.

ESSA Academy

Foundation coach: James Walsh

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