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Christmas worksheets

Following on from our activity worksheets earlier this year, each week through December we will now be bringing you Christmas worksheets to keep your mind active, have fun and get ready for the festive period.

There's something for everyone in our Christmas worksheets - click the links below!

Download week one Christmas worksheet 

The festive season is upon us! So we challenge you to create your own advent calendar; and can you help Santa Claus deliver presents to the players?

Download week two Christmas worksheet 

This week we are learning about how the players celebrate Christmas around the world, and what do you think Fred the Red will do for the festive season?

Download week three Christmas worksheet 

As Christmas nears closer can you help Fred the Red find Santa Claus? And we challenge you to write your own festive match report!

Download week four Christmas worksheet 

In our final Christmas worksheet challenge you to create your own holiday food, and there is some festive maths to wrap your head around!


Santa's Red Helpers

Players and staff at Old Trafford have united to make a difference to vulnerable children this Christmas by becoming Santa’s Red Helpers.

By helping us to provide food, gifts and support, you can be a Red Helper, too.

Become a Red Helper by donating the following amounts 
(or whatever you can):

£15 = a present
Provide gifts for a young person this winter.

£100 = a stocking
Provide meals for a family for a week and gifts for the children this winter.

£1,000 = a sleigh
Provide food parcels and gifts for 10 families this winter.

Donate now