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Enterprise Academy

Manchester United Enterprise Academy provides young people with an insight into what it takes for Manchester United to be as successful off the pitch, as they are on it. Looking at the club as a business and teaching students the skills to become successful themselves.

Manchester United Enterprise Academy

Enterprise Workshops

Putting students through their paces with one and two day bespoke workshops providing enterprise and team-building challenges. A fun and practical way to learn the skills involved in working as part of a business team.

Premier League Enterprise Challenge

Through our work with the Premier League Creating Chances initiative we have opportunities to work with other Premier League clubs and their local schools, giving students the opportunity to work with and compete against students from all areas.

OCR Certificate in Business and Enterprise

Learn about how an organisation is run by studying Manchester United as a business rather than a football club.  Students will cover areas such as:
• Advertising
• Customer Service and Complaints
• Customer Records
• Communicating Objectives
• Products and Services