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Our partnership

Pioneer House High School is a special school for 11-19 year old students in an environment where pupils with identified and statemented Complex Cognitive Difficulties (SLD as the primary need) can access a specialised and holistic education.

The carefully planned environment and engaging, personalised curriculum on offer is designed to meet the needs of students with a learning difficulty.

Pioneer House High School aims to provide the very best education for children and ensures each pupil can achieve their potential and make outstanding progress.

At Pioneer House High School the outcomes for pupils after school and college really matter and they develop pupils' skills so that they become the most effective citizens they can be.

The visions and values are based on key areas: community, diversity, growing and developing, learning, wellbeing, work, independence and autonomy.

We started our partnership with Pioneer House High School in 2022 and look forward to a long partnership together.


Pioneer House High School, 200 Yewtree Lane, Northern Moor, Manchester, M23 0FF

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