The New Children’s Hospital Appeal

In 2009, Royal Manchester (Pendlebury) and Booth Hall Children’s Hospital will be relocated to a brand new state-of-the-art children’s hospital in Central Manchester. The New Children’s Hospital Appeal will help ensure the new hospital, which will be the biggest children’s hospital in the UK, providing specialist services to the region’s poorliest children, has equipment and facilities that are second to none.

The Appeal will focus on two main areas:

• Ensuring that the new state-of-the-art buildings have the very best equipment available for diagnosis and treatment;
• Providing accommodation so that parents can stay close to their child during treatment

Manchester United has joined forces with The New Children’s Hospital Appeal to assist in their goal to reach £20million to support projects within the brand new state–of-the-art children’s hospital.   The partnership will fund the provision of parental accommodation at the hospital, which includes beds for parents who have children staying at the hospital.

The New Children’s Hospital Appeal is three quarters of the way to their £20 million target having banked and pledged £15 million in two years, but they still have a long way to go to ensure that they can make a difference.

Sweet Dreams
Coming in to hospital can be a very traumatic time not just for the children but also for their families.   During their stay in hospital, children are bound to feel anxious and scared because of the unfamiliar surroundings; having their parents or carers there to reassure them and help to keep their spirits up as they go through treatment can make their experience of hospital a whole lot better.  Children tend to be more relaxed and reassured when a parent is present making treatment easier to administer and recovery quicker. 

One of the aims of the Appeal is to enable parents to stay by their child’s bedside on wards wherever possible by providing pull down beds at the side of each child’s bed.  The beds will be a mixture of horizontal and vertical fold aways, enabling us to make maximum use of the space during the day, as they fold away into a nice neat cabinet.

Manchester United’s support will go towards helping children and their families by purchasing some of the pull down beds.

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The Big T-Break - 6th March 2009
Join in the fun of the T-Break by getting together with friends and holding your very own T-party!  For further information please contact (0161) 276 4522.

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